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Roman Bronze Coins Of Constantine/ Bracelet
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From Jerusalem, you are considering a very attractive ancient Roman coins bracelet of Emperor Constantine, dated from, 307 - 337 AD With their exquisite details and rich multi-hued patina, the six ancient Roman bronze coins of Emperor Constantine, radiate, draped &caressed bust right have been nicely joined and set together in a lovely handmade sterling silver bracelet Flavius Valerius Constantinus, Constantine the Great, was the son of Helena and the First Tetrar chic ruler Constantius I. Constantine is most famous for his conversion to Christianity after the battle of the Milvian Bridge where he defeated emperor Maxentius. Before the battle he saw the words "In Hoc Signo Victor Eris" (By this sign you shall conquer) emblazoned on the sun around the Chi Rho, the symbol of Christianity. After placing this Christ o gram on the shields of his army, he defeated his opponent and thus ruled the empire through divine providence. He also shifted the capital of the empire to Constantinople, establishing the foundation for an Empire that would last another 1000 years. He died in 337 and his sons divided the Roman territories Length: 20 cm The six coins were found in the Roman archaeological sites around Jerusalem, Israel ALL ITEMS THAT WE OFFER FOR SALE COME WITH A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY

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