Roman Gold Earrings - SJ.0202 - For Sale

Roman Gold Earrings - SJ.0202
Price: $1750.00
On these classical earrings, hollow hemispheres of gold attach to hoops of twisted wire adorned with granulated pendants. They are designed to catch and reflect the light, to draw subtle attention to the charms of the woman who wears them. We can only guess as to the identity of their original owner. We know she lived when the Roman Empire was at its height, and that she was buried in Ashkelon with these treasured tokens. All else is conjecture. Yet when we admire her choice of jewels, we feel we understand something about her that is vital and important. - (SJ.0202)

Ancient Jewelry
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Barakat Gallery
405 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills
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Phone : 310.859.8408

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