Silver Coin of Alexander III the Great - FJ.6457 - For Sale

Silver Coin of Alexander III the Great - FJ.6457
Price: $1200.00
Origin: Holy Land
Circa: 336 BC to 323 BC
Collection: Greek Silver Coin Pendant
Medium: Silver-Diamond-Gold
The son of the Macedonian king Philip II and Olympias, Alexander was educated as a royal prince, tutored by the great Greek philosopher Aristotle. By 340 B.C. he was made his father's deputy in Macedon, fighting with distinction at the battle of Chaeronea. Upon Philip's death (336) Alexander was proclaimed king despite dynastic intrigues. After consolidating his power in Greece he turned towards Persia, thus beginning a series of astonishing victories which eventually resulted in an empire of vast proportions. Coins of Alexander were made at numerous mints scattered around his territories showing a standard type with the likeness of the young conqueror facing right wearing a lion's skin, in imitation of the skin of the Nemean lion worn by Hercules. On the reverse is the father of the gods, Zeus holding an eagle with the legend. It is very appropriate that someone who ruled much of the world should be surrounded by diamonds as on this lovely pendant. - (FJ.6457)

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