Silver Tetradrachm of King Antiochus IV - FJ.6398 - For Sale

Silver Tetradrachm of King Antiochus IV - FJ.6398
Price: $5600.00
Origin: Holy Land
Circa: 175 BC to 164 BC
Collection: Greek Silver Coin Pendant
Medium: Silver-Ruby-Diamond
Antiochus IV was the third son of Antiochus III ("The Great"), who seized power in 175 after having been a hostage in Rome for twelve years. From the reign of Seleucus 1 (c.358 - 281 B.C.), one of Alexander the Great's generals, the vast empire of the Seleucids stretched from Syria to Iran and much of Asia Minor. By the time Antiochus IV came to the throne the empire had endured many rebellions and wars. His father spent most of his reign in military campaigning, as did Antiochus IV trying to keep the empire together and acquire new territory. This magnificent coin demonstrates the way the king viewed himself, as a "divine" ruler. The obverse shows the king facing right, wearing laurel wreath and long flowing beard. His noble features befit one who was regarded as "god incarnate". On the reverse is the enthroned Zeus holding a spear in his left hand and supporting winged Victory (Nike) on his outstretched right hand. The inscription c1early states the name of the king. - (FJ.6398)

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