Akkadian Cylinder Seal - LO.1090 - For Sale

Akkadian Cylinder Seal - LO.1090
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‘A presentation scene of a seated god and three standing figures before him. The seated god wears a horned tiara and long flounced robe while sitting on an angular stool. He carries a rod over one shoulder and with the other hand holds up a cup overflowing with water and holding three plant shoots. He is bearded, as is the first standing figure. He too is a god, in horned tiara but long robe falling in creases from the waist down. Behind him is a human couple: the man first, bearded and wearing a long fringed robe and raising one hand, the woman with head- band and long robe falling in creases, also raising one hand. There is a star (symbol of Venus) in the sky, and a tall mace and two scorpions are fillers in the scene. A stylised palm tree forms a terminal.Akkadian Cylinder Seal - LO.1090Origin: Central Asia Circa:2300BCto2200 BCDimensions: 1" (2.5cm) high Collection: Near Eastern Art Style:Akkadian Medium: Yellow Stone

Ancient Near East
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