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Assyrian Tile Depicting a Mythological Creature - PF.5615
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The tradition of glazed terracotta brick as adornments began in southern Iran in the 13th century B.C. This Assyrian glazed brick tile would have adorned the walls of a temple or palace structure. The tiered tile is decorated by the representation of a mythological creature based on the forms of a female human. However, this woman is winged and has the arms of a lion. A slight relief of a brown glaze delineates the outlines of her body as well as the simulated feathers of the wings. She also wears a conical spotted crown, partly covered by a horn that grows out of her head. Seen in profile, her one ovular eye is fully open and alert. The musculature of her body, specifically the lower half, can be characterized by the flowing, spiraling curves that define her stomach and thighs. Her lion paw arms reach outward, as if pushing against the borders of the brick. This fantastical remnant of a lost age reveals the extreme sophistication and elegance of their forgotten culture. Imagine a room filled from floor to eilingwithsuchtiles.Bearefulto consider how vibrant the orange and blue hues must haveoriginally been. What a truly spectacular sight this would be inanyera.-(PF.5615)Assyrian Tile Depictinga Mythological Creature -PF.5615Origin:Mesopotamia Circa:900BCto700CDimensions: 18.5" (47.0cm) high x Medium: Glazed Terracotta

Ancient Near East
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