Bird Effigy Votive Seal With An Intaglio - sp.019 - For Sale

Bird Effigy Votive Seal With An Intaglio - sp.019
Price: $1800.00
This ancient votive seal was discovered with a cache of similar artifacts along the shores of Lake Van.Evoking the dawn of Western culture, these apparently were offerings at the shrine of some powerful god.This unknown deity appears to have been associated with fertility andr ebirth.Thedesign that adorns them—of birds, animals, cult idols—probably stood in proxy for more costly sacrifices.Pressed into soft clay or ax, they would have created multiple images to win the favor of the god. Carved with an abstract simplicity but an observant eye toward nature, the stark visual appeal of his piece is timeless. These seals represent dreams, hopes and aspirations for health,success, and happiness that area sold as civilization itself - (sp.19) Engraved Votive Seal With An Intaglio sp.19 Origin: Lake Van, Anatolia Circa: 4000BC to 3000BC Dimensions:1.375(3.5cm)high x.75(1.9cm)wide collection:Near Eastern Style: Neolithic Medium: Dickite

Ancient Near East
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