Bronze Mortar and Pestle - LO.1083 - For Sale

Bronze Mortar and Pestle - LO.1083
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Bronze Mortar and Pestle - LO.1083, Origin: Central Asia, Circa: 1000 AD to 1100 AD, Dimensions: 5.125" (13.0cm) high x 6.10" (15.5cm) wide, Collection: Islamic Art, Style: Islamic, Medium: Copper-Alloy. Bronze mortars were unknown to the cultures of the Mediterranean area and the Middle East in pre-Islamic times and were probably developed in Persia in the 10th century as copies of cruder stone prototypes. Mortars were used for pounding small amounts of food, such as spices or herbs in cookery, and were also an important item of alchemical and pharmaceutical equipment.The size of this beautiful mortar would seem to indicate a domestic use, rather than pharmaceutical.

Ancient Near East
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