Iron Age Limestone Intaglio Seal - FJ.3258 - For Sale

Iron Age Limestone Intaglio Seal - FJ.3258
Price: $3000.00
In the ancient world, engraved gem seals served many functions. In addition to their decorative appeal as jewelry, intaglios could act as an individual's signature, placing his mark on property or documents, or as talismans to bring good luck and protect against illness and the evil eye. This unusual piece has as its central motif a running goat, perhaps the celestial Capricorn. To hold such a seal in our hands today is to touch in an intimate way upon the life of the person who owned it long ago. We cannot help but wonder who that person was, what they thought, what mattered to them. This simple object sets the imagination upon an exciting journey of discovery. - (FJ.3258), Origin: Israel, Circa: 900 BC to 700 BC,Dimensions: .875" (2.2cm) high x .75" (1.9cm) wide, Collection: Biblical, Style: Iron Age, Medium: Limestone

Ancient Near East
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