Mesopotamian Stone Amulet of a Head - PF.1942 - For Sale

Mesopotamian Stone Amulet of a Head - PF.1942
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Since the dawn of time, mankind has sought to gain protection and good fortune from talismans and amulets. Such tokens may invoke the blessings of the gods, avert the evil eye, or bring victory in battle. Thoughout the long course of civilization, amulets have lent their wearers a sense of security and power. This fascinating artifact was carved by one of the cultures that flourished near the source of the Euphrates river. It represents three wide-eyed human heads, facing in different directions as if in vigilant search for approaching evil. Ever alert, it was intended to keep whoever wore it safe from unseen danger. Even in an age that discounts superstition, it cannot hurt to havesuchprotection,testedandprovenbythecenturies(PF.1933Mesopotamian Three Headed Stone Amulet PF.1933Origin:Northern Syria Circa:3000BCto2000BCDimensions: .625" (1.6cm) high x 1.25" (3.2cm) wide Collection: Near Eastern Style: Mesopotamian Medium: Stone

Ancient Near East
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