Mosaic Depicting a Man Wearing a Floral Garland - PF.5319 - For Sale

Mosaic Depicting a Man Wearing a Floral Garland - PF.5319
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The bust of the man is set within a circle formed by a thick wreath containing fruits, leaves, pinecones and grapes. With one shoulder bare and the other partially covered by the upper portion of a toga, the handsome male turns his head just slightly to look at us at an angle. His features are very finely modeled, with graceful eyes, thick eyebrows, large nose and sensuous lips. Most striking is the elaborate garland on his head bursting with various fruits, sprigs and flowers. He may be the god of wine Bacchus who is often depicted wearing such a floral garland as symbol of his closeness to the fruits of the earth. This mosaic has been reconstructed using ancient and modern materials. - (PF.5319)

Ancient Roman
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