Roman Bronze Sculpture of Jupiter - FZ.369 - For Sale

Roman Bronze Sculpture of Jupiter - FZ.369
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Jupiter still sits, austere and dignified, on a vacant throne. He still holds onto a missing staff in his left hand, most likely in the form of a lightning-bolt. While the power of this god has vanished, while his kingdom of Mt. Olympus has been dissolved by modern monotheistic religions, in the presence of this bronze statue we are in awe. One need not believe to appreciate the divine presence inherent in this sculpture. He beckons us, extending his right arm forward towards us, anticipating the offerings once brought to him. This idol might have been worshipped in the private confines of a residence or in the public setting of a small temple. While the signs of his power have vanished, while the masses that once prayed to him have all faded away with time, Jupiter continues to rule divine. His image has evolved into the form of Christ. Such a presence, such energy will never die. Society just transfers and adapts the appearance across the ages. Just as the Latin language survives in the romance tongues of today, so Jupiter lives on in the guise of Jesus. Thus, God is God and shall always be; we are no closer to comprehending the divine today than we were in Ancient Rome. However, we can still appreciate the pure beauty and artistry inherent in God’s many forms. - (FZ.369)

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