Roman Bronze Statuette of a Priest - FZ.281 - For Sale

Roman Bronze Statuette of a Priest - FZ.281
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With hands in front of him in a highly expressive posture, this Roman bronze priest has been captured by the sculptor in a most animated and natural pose. Having brought the art of metalwork to elevated levels of craftsmanship and creative artistry, Roman artisans succeeded in casting a variety of forms in bronze, their distribution reaching to the far boundaries of the empire. These small bronzes served a number of functions in ancient times, including their usage as votive offerings in temples, or as decorative works of art placed in the home. This exalted bronze priest, bedecked in his highly detailed attire, with large gesturing hands and wide-eyed face may have served any number of purposes in antiquity, his magnetism and spirited energy clearly evident. Whatever the bronze priests original function, we are captivated by him today and experience him as an elegant work of art and as a tangible link with that most glorious of ancient empires. - (FZ.281)

Ancient Roman
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