Archaic Stone Funerary Sculpture of a Man - PF.4352 - For Sale

Archaic Stone Funerary Sculpture of a Man - PF.4352
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This sculpture speaks loudly of dignity, order and power. The erectness of the back and shoulders makes it even a more impressive figure. The object in the right hand further propels the mystery of this person. It is grasped by a tight fist and rest upon the breastbone. Hanging from the neck is a double strand of beads. Simple in design, but yet it exudes nobility and wealth. The visual portrayal is a person of nobility; however, he is nobler in mind. This is strongly shown in the facial features. The headdress, carved smoothly with ringlets of hair falling down upon the forehead, frame the face. The eyes, almond shaped, shed a peaceful and wise gaze. The curiosity to know what this person wants to say is unbearable. The knowledge is forever kept inside, but just being close to this figure one feels empowered. The energy radiates from within. - (PF.4352)

Ancient Unknown
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Barakat Gallery
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Beverly Hills
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