Attic Red-Figure Column Krater Depicting a Dancing Party - X.0041 - For Sale

Attic Red-Figure Column Krater Depicting a Dancing Party - X.0041
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This gorgeous vessel is a splendid example of Early Mannerist Attic vase painting. The Early Mannerists were a group of artists working together in a workshop founded by Myson in the beginning of the 5th Century B.C. They are united by their stylistic innovations that broke away from archaic traditions including elongated figures with small head, a heightened sense of movement and exaggerated gestures, stiff drapery with pleats repetitively stacked together, and their fondness for the column krater form. This attractive red-figure column krater depicts on the front a dancing party. Standing in the middle and facing right is a musician in the midst of playing a double flute. On either side of her are figures of dancing girls, dressed in thin garments, swaying to the music with their arms elegantly raised. On the back of the krater are three youths engaged in conversation. Below the vase's splayed rim is a frieze of stylized animals executed in black-figure. The vase is very well preserved with one area of restoration on the rim and neck. Similar vessels were believed to be used as cinerary urns, and surely this piece would have made a splendid memorial if that was the case. However, the themes of the subject matter have a distinct air of revelry, of dancing and music that might indicate that this krater was intended to celebrate life and not to memorialize death. - (X.0041)

Ancient Unknown
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