Blue Glass Kohl Tube with Two Handles - LO.937 - For Sale

Blue Glass Kohl Tube with Two Handles - LO.937
Price: $3600.00
This beautiful elongated bag-shaped tube presents an everted rim folded inward, pushed- in ring base and pontil mark. Two handles rising from the upper part of the body attached to the upper rim. A small tread trail around the neck. Weathering patches all over the surface and traces of diagonal rotation, probably achieved after its removal from the mould. The whole surface covered by iridescence and heavy weathering.Kohl tube is indeed one of the most easily recognizable ancient glass vessels. It was designed to hold kohl- an eye make up-, a paste made of galena (antimony trisulphide Sb), brown ochre and sometimes malachite, that was applied with a special small spoon to the eyes.

Ancient Unknown
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