Canosan Polychrome Sculpture of a Woman - PF.5371 - For Sale

Canosan Polychrome Sculpture of a Woman - PF.5371
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The young woman has her hands raised as if in supplication, with her left palm nearly flattened and the right with the fingers curled. Attached to her head is a high arched handle bearing a circular design of radiating lines. She wears a himation (a rectangular-shaped mantle) and a chiton (a lightweight, sleeved dress) open at the neck revealing her necklace, covering her right foot, and having a broad band crossing under the breasts. Her hair is ornamented with a fillet of vine leaves, as her lovely tresses fall about her shoulders. The rose madder coloration is well-preserved and very vivid. A terracotta of this size and condition is quite rare, and especially one that so beautifully represents the exquisite and unique art of the sculptors of ancient Canosa. - (PF.5371)

Ancient Unknown
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Barakat Gallery
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