Han Bronze Ding - PF.4769 - For Sale

Han Bronze Ding - PF.4769
Price: $9800.00
Three curved extensions with holes at the bottom protrude from the lid of this very handsome vessel. The handles curve upwards and flatten off at the top. The three legs are broad at the upper portion, becoming narrower and curved in the form of animal legs. A lovely patina gives the entire vessel an iridescent quality, alternating a variety of shades in striking contrasts. Since casting bronze was a difficult and expensive process, much of the bronze objects (apart from weaponry) were made as ritual vessels for ancestor worship used by the ruling elite. Later, they also served as containers for wine for food; symbolizing not only wealth, but also political power. Patronage of the ruling classes gave work to expert artisans, resulting in splendid creations such as this tripod vessel. - (PF.4769)

Ancient Unknown
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Barakat Gallery
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