Olmec Blackware Vessel in the Form of a Bird - PF.2380 - For Sale

Olmec Blackware Vessel in the Form of a Bird - PF.2380
Price: $9600.00
Olmec Blackware Vessel in the Form of a Bird - PF.2380, Origin: Las Bocas, Mexico, Circa: 900 BC to 500 BC, Dimensions: 6.125" (15.6cm) high, Collection: Pre-Columbian, Style: Olmec, Medium: Terracotta. Birds and particularly waterfowl were considered one of the most significant animals to the ancient Olmec. The association with migration and versatility on both land and water may have been one of the reasons for this reverence. Nowhere is this veneration more touchingly expressed than in this beautiful Olmec vessel. Here, the softly rounded body of the bird gives way to an elegant neck and head that form the vessel's spout. A gently curved opening at the top of the vessel dips down to create a tuft of feathers atop the bird's delicate head. Stylized wings, artistically sculpted, wrap around the bird's body while a small upturned tail completes the perfect balance of proportion. If we listen closely while gazing at this evocative work of art, we can hear the ancient call of these migratory birds, haunting in their age-old ability to capture our hearts and souls.

Ancient Unknown
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