Luristan Bronze Spike-Butted Axehead - LO.932 - For Sale

Luristan Bronze Spike-Butted Axehead - LO.932
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The area from which the bronzes are believed to come of Luristan in the western part of Iran.Thisregionismountainous,intersectedbymanyrangesrunninginanorth-west/south-east direction; between them, arewell-wateredplains,idealforbreedinghorses.Inntiquity accesstotheregionwasdifficult;suchremotednessmusthaveencourageditsculturalisolation and idiosynchratic artistic production.From the archaeological exacavations undertaken in the area, the prevalence of horse-related objectssuchastrappingsandhorse-bitswould strongly indicate a society basedonhorsemanship,andpossiblysemi-sedentaryinnature:a characteristic still present amongthe Lursoftoday.(LO.932)Luristan Bronze Spike-Butted Axehead - LO.932Origin: Central Asia Circa: 1000 BC to 650 BCDimensions: 3.75" (9.5cm) highx7.25"(18.4cm)wide Collection:Central Asia Style:Luristan Medium:Bronz

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