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Marlik Culture Crescent Hilt Dagger
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This week I am posting several Bronze Age weapons from the Middle East including a set of 5, very unique, crescent-hilt daggers from the Marlik culture (circa 1000 BC). These all came from the same private collection. For information on similar types see "Arms and Armor from Iran" by Manoucher Khorasani pp 59 and 71. The unique attribute of this piece is that on most examples, the penannular or crescent guard is solid whereas on this piece it is flanged to hold an inlay of some material - likely wood, ivory or bone. The blade lacks the central rib common to many Luristan examples. It has a much narrower profile than most as well. Also, note the three rivet holes in the handle which are also very uncommon on these types. There is also an ancient repair to the handle where a flat piece of bronze was used somewhat like a staple to repair a clean break. This piece measures nearly 31.4 cm in length and weighs 97 grams. This is a truly rare dagger type that would be a welcome addition to any collection. Additional photos or micro-photos can be taken on request. Due to the special nature of this acquisition and sale, purchaser will have 10 days from time of receipt to to approve of the transaction during which time the item may be returned for any reason. After the 10 day inspection period all sales will be considered final. Please email with any questions.

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