Antique Hand-Colored Engraving Hans Holbein Nobleman - For Sale

Antique Hand-Colored Engraving Hans Holbein Nobleman
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From "In His Majesty's Collection" published in 1812 by John Chamberlaine. "Holbein" printed in lower left and "Cooper" printed in lower right. "PL. IV." (Plate #4) printed in upper right. Imitations of Original Drawings by Hans Holbein in the Collection of his Majesty. We have found out that this striking plate is hand-colored in a minimalist style, only in certain places; for the most part the colors are printed directly from the copper plates, some on pink paper. This kind of color printing, still in its early stages of development, was just as laborious as hand coloring, since the various colored inks were daubed onto the copper plate by hand with each impression pulled. Nevertheless it was an important step in the development of mechanical color printing with separate plates for each color, which took place in the 19th century. This is surely a page of one of the first books with color printing to reach America. We have been informed that this page is from a book published between 1792 and 1800 in 14 parts “Imitations of Original Drawings by Hans Holbein, in the Collection of His Majesty (Geo.III) for the Portraits of Illustrious Persons of the Court of Henry VIII”. There were some 84 plates in the book, 72 of them identified (even though a number of them incorrectly). There were 12 unidentified portraits. This one is of an unidentified man. The original engravings were done by Bertolozzi, except for three done by Metz one by C. Knight – none by “Cooper” whose name appears on this print. This is a reprint of one of the Bertolozzi engravings. Antique Hand-Colored Engraving of a European Gentleman by Hans Holbien Published by John Chamberlain in a Volume Entitled. "In His Majesty's Collection", Original Antique Hand-Colored Engraving, Image: 4.5” X 6.75”, Paper: 9.5” X 13.75” (approx.).

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