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Bob Byerley original oil painting titled in his book as ''Fireworks Tonight''. Originally when I purchased the piece from Bob's gallery here in town I was told it was titled ''Waiting for the Fourth''. I did prefer that title but if you buy it you are welcome to use whatever you would like. Massive in size compared to most of Bobs works. The detail in this painting is second to none of his works, and the scale is incredible. To be able to complete this painting took Bob 4 full months of his time. In his gallery in Las Vegas paintings of this size are selling for $145,000 with a waiting list! Bob is only producing one painting of this size every few years. Most of his works are now done by contract for Disney and Hallmark Cards and others and he is no longer able to produce many paintings like this for collectors / consumers.This painting was painted in 1982 and really was a pivotal piece for Bob. It was one of his very first pieces involving children and I loved it the minute I saw it. I had already bought several of his other paintings but the size and majesty of this piece stunned me. I paid well over $10,000 for this painting in 1982 and have never regretted it. It has been a source of much joy and admiration over the years for me. Bob Byerley is a master of Trompe l'oeil. Trompe l'oeil, means simply ''to deceive the eye''. Bob has been a master of this for years and most of his paintings have parts you swear are real or just about to move. They are so realistic they deceive the eye. This painting has never been made into true art prints as I refused to loan it back to Bob to have the prints made. I have seen a photographic reproduction of it and I assume it is how Bob was able to list it in his book. See below for a description from his book describing the piece. You may choose if you end up owning this wonderful treasure to allow art prints but something in me just preferred I be the only one with this spellbinding piece of art. Absolutely positively guaranteed to be by Bobs hand and his original oil painting. Listed in his book Byerley An Invitation to Flight as Figure #96 a full page of color as only a few other pictures are listed this way. Winning bidder is welcome to fly into town to inspect and pack the painting. Painting size is 4 feet! (48'') by 39'' in the frame and the image is a whopping 41'' by 32'' (within a inch). No condition issues though I believe the varnish has darkened over the years (easily fixed if desired) Shipping at new owners choice and expense. Reserve is way below what you would pay for a new less important piece. Bobs work someday will be as expensive as Norman Rockwell or Thomas Hart Benton (another Kansas City artist) this is your chance to own it for about 50% of what a new piece would cost. Is it expensive? You bet! Is it worth it? Absolutely. Status: For Sale Reference#: 258148 Condition: See Description Year: See Description

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