A Large Painting of a View of Valletta Harbour, Malta Circa 1850 - Earle D. Vandekar - For Sale

A Large Painting of a View of Valletta Harbour, Malta Circa 1850 - Earle D. Vandekar
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A LARGE FOLK PAINTING WITH VIEW OF VALLETTA HARBOR, MALTA, MID-NINETEENTH CENTURY. The painting was made from the upper gardens overlooking the west side of the harbour. ;It shows the formidable fortifications of the home base of the British Mediterranean fleet. ;In the harbour can be a troopship and numerous Royal Navy ships. Oil on canvas, 25 ½ x 40 inches. Reference: (http://www.seayourhistory.org.uk/index2.php?option=com_content&do_pdf=1&id=610) The naval base at Malta served the Royal Navy from 1800 until the British withdrew from the island in 1979. During the 20th century the Navy was able to launch many important operations from Malta. The island won a George Cross for its bravery after sustaining heavy bombardment during the Second World War. The Royal Navy had an indelible effect on the livelihood of the island and the Maltese people. It was home to the Mediterranean Fleet which was one of the largest fleets in the Royal Navy. Crews enjoyed the temperate climate, cheap living and abundance of social and recreational activities the island offered, making it one of the favoured postings for officers and ratings alike. The British captured Malta from French occupation in 1800. Throughout the 19th century Malta served as an important base for the Royal Navy. The island''s location between Gibraltar and the Suez Canal meant that Malta was an important stop off on the way to India. The island served as the principal base for the Mediterranean Fleet and between the 1860s and early 1900s the Admiralty did much to improve the harbours and dockyard facilities. Malta''s excellent harbours meant that the Royal Navy could safely moor the whole Mediterranean Fleet. The island boasted deep water berths in Grand Harbour, able to hold battleships, cruisers, and later, aircraft carriers.

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