Shurpin Fedor Savvich (1904-1972, Moscow) 'Sunset' 1964 Carboard, Oil Painting - For Sale

Shurpin Fedor Savvich (1904-1972, Moscow) 'Sunset' 1964 Carboard, Oil Painting
Price: $1000.00
Shurpin Fedor Savvich (1904-1972, Moscow) 'Sunset' 1964 Carboard, Oil, Framed
Original Painting
On a back is a confirming signature of artist's son that it is his father's work
From artist' collection
Have All the papers.
13"x19" unframed

Shurpin Fyodor Savvich (1904, Smolensk region- 1972, Moscow)

An honored artist of the USSR, laureate of the RSFSR State Prize named after I.E.Repin. First studied at the worker's faculty of Arts, then at the painting faculty in VKhUTEMAS-VKhUTEN (up to 1931). Since 1929 he took part in exhibition of AKhRR (The revolutionary Russia Artist's Union). Created historic and genre painting, portraits, landscapes and still lives. The peasant theme was prevailing. In 1949 he was awarded the Stalin Prize for the canvas "The morning of our Motherland". There was founded an art gallery on the basis of his collection of paintings in 1969 (Smolensk region). His works are kept at the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow) and in Other museums and private collections in Russia.

According to the known legend, Stalin, at the Soviet Art exhibition called his son Vasily to this picture and said, “Do you think you’re Stalin, or you think I am Stalin?!?!” And he pointed to the canvas: “No, here is Stalin.”
“The morning of our homeland” 1949 oil painting of a little-known Soviet socialist realism artist Fyodor Shurpin (1904-1972), depicting Joseph Stalin. The work on the painting to the 70th anniversary of Stalin took place in 1946-1948. After the exposure of the personality cult of Stalin, the painting was called “The last train has left.” In the foreground – pensive Stalin in a white paramilitary jacket, without orders, with the coat on his arm. Behind the leader – stretching beyond the horizon the vast expanses of the motherland with grace collective farm fields, high-voltage transmission masts, smoking chimneys of factories in the industrial cities. And towering over the whole Soviet country the figure of Stalin – “Great Leader, wise and caring.”
In 1949 Stalin awarded Shurpin for the painting “The morning of our homeland,” the Stalin Prize of 2nd degree. After that, the painting has acquired such fame that it was known in the USSR to everyone. During the life of the great leader the author created multiple versions of his painting, and specially for several Soviet institutions with a barely noticeable deviations from the original version.

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