Escrimeur (Scrime) 1890s - For Sale

Escrimeur (Scrime) 1890s
Price: $950.00
Sagot, Edmond 16 x 20
In 1881 Edmond Sagot opened a shop in Paris dealing in rare and contemporary prints. He rapidly became the most influential fine print dealer of his day. He was also the first art dealer to add illustrated posters to his inventory and his interest in them helped to increase their already growing popularity. In order to advertise his gallery and to promote the artists he published, Sagot commissioned posters during the 1890's from well known masters thus concurrently creating and expanding the market (brilliant marketing, that!) This is one of a pair of posters we recently purchased in Paris, printed by Sagot's atelier (with the notation on the far right side of both tout droit reserve' - all rights reserved, and designed by the artist PB,(initials in top left hand corner of the piece), P. Barroni ... I saw this in a gallery in Paris and fell in love with the man in the image: an escrimeur, a fencer, you can almost see the world-weariness in his eyes, and in the droop of his moustache... I love the hair, the fact that you can't really see below the beginning of his shoulders... While not traditionally handsome, there is something quite compelling about this man...

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