German Karneval / Masquerade Horse and rider 1920s - For Sale

German Karneval / Masquerade Horse and rider 1920s
Price: $1125.00
24 x 34
Yes, yes - anything with a horse inevitably catches my eye. It is true. Add in Art Deco (1925c) and a costume and I'm hooked. But tell me that this poster isn't - creatively speaking - to die for? Try as I might I still can't make out what it is for (the typography, while beauteous is absolutely illegible - at least to me), but I love it. I can read Vin in the top left so I am guessing (in a kind of educated way I suppose) that this is a menu sheet or an 'appearing now' kind of sheet where the bottom was filled in depending on the week or the menu... what i particularly like about this piece is that with very few colors the anonymous artist manages to capture the essence of the horse (which really isnt that easy), as well as they joy of the girl whose skirt is accidentally (??) being blown up while she is raising her glass... there is a lot going on in this delightful piece and I love it.

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