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ARTIST : Cappiello, Leonetto (1875-1942), Cappiello is considered to be one of the greatest posterists of his age. Cappiello''s approach was ''always image association - the idea that you don''t really remember the image of the product itself, but the image of something is associated with the product ... Cappiello was the first who thoroughly understood this, and he applied it with considerable diligence in about a thousand posters.''(Rennert) Born and raised in Livorno, Italy, Cappiello knew at a young age that he would be an artist. In his youth, Cappiello drew caricatures and sketches, which proved he had a natural talent and an ambition that would eventually lead him to Paris in pursuit of his dream. Encouraged by his brother, who was living in Paris at the time, Cappiello endeavored to sell his caricatures to magazines that would pay and support his art. He was so ambitious that he even approached Giacomo Puccini, the composer to ask if he could sketch him. He was successful and managed to submit the images to Le Rire magazine. Soon after, Cappiello became a sought after cartoonist and caricaturist. His style, simple lines with strong colors and an equally strong product message was evident in some of the first commissions he received: an 1899 album of pochoirs depicting famous actresses of the age shows clearly that even as a young man Cappiello had already developed a style which he would use, with incredible results, throughout his creative life. Cappiello''s portraits and posters were playful and unique, a quality that bred his success. His illustrations were clean and simple, crossing the boundaries from Belle Epoque through to Art Noveau to the more modernist approach of Art Deco while still combining styles from previous eras. Because of the simplicity of his graphics, Cappiello was able to produce nearly 1000 posters in his time and was an inspiration to many lithographers to follow. His work is sought after today and may be found in galleries and museums throughout the world. Only Cappiello could use a larger than life elephant as the mascot for a rolling paper company - Le Nil has achieved brand awareness that has long outlived the brand itself, all thanks to Cappiello''s brilliant use of marketing, and coloring. This is the only example of the famous elephant we have found on tin: printed by the Wetterwald company in Bordeaux, and stamped with the tax stamp of the French government (indicating that a tax of 72 centimes was paid in 1933) this tin also indicates that it was used on the Chemins de Fer du Midi (see the far left side of the tin just above the Papier a Cigarettes notation...) All in all, quite a find. We have shown the back of the tin so you can see what it looks like. There is a slight nick in the far left corner of the tin but it is otherwise quite pristine. It measures 8.75 x 12.75 inches, Condition A- Please note that all of our posters are vintage, non-reproduction works of art. We are happy to ship worldwide - price quoted is for SURFACE mail. Expedited quotes available at additional cost at time of purchase. We will answer any questions, and/or send additional photos upon request. Thanks for your interest. Status: For Sale Reference#: niltin Condition: A- Year: 1933 Country: Belgium Height: 8.75 in. (22.23 cm) Width: 12.75 in. (32.38 cm) Title: Cappiello LE NIL ADVERTISING TIN W/TAX STAMP 1933 RARE! Materials: tin

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