Certified 4 Face Punu Mask Gabon African Mask - For Sale

Certified 4 Face Punu Mask Gabon African Mask
Price: $695.00
Certificat de Origin 4 Face Punu Mask Gabon African Mask



35 CM High -13.77 in.
24 Cm Wide-9,44.

We have seen a few Punu mask but never one with 4 Faced, which for us holds so much mystical symbolism facing all 4 directions and really does hold it’s own presence one gazes upon it. So we are really happy to offer this rare once in a lifetime piece of art for sell and deeply sad to actually possibly have to see it go because it’s breathtaking and we know we will never see another like it again!

This persistently striking rare 20th Century Rare Beautiful 4 Face Punu Helmet Mask from Gabon definitely offers any space it’s own unique presence which in person appears to mystically and dimensional transcend any ‘norms’ of ‘ideal’ beauty standards. This is a MUST HAVE for Punu lovers and rare because it is facing the 4 directions.

-Made from wood and Kaolin-

*Note to Buyers:
Please contact us for more photos and further information

The Okuyi (or mokuyi) white-faced masks commonly contain nine scale-like patterns on the forehead. This is said to be a "central eye" and also a flowering tree. The white color, usually derived from kaolin represents clarity, light, and beauty.

Provenance: Comes with certification of origin*

According to information from the French art gallery African art Collectors we obtained this rare piece from, this Punu helmet was purchased between 1970’s and 1990’s‘ in Gabon. Since then, it has been in an art gallery in France.

Please contact us if you have any questions or to see more photos.

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