Early Republic - A Very Fine Studio Painted Ovid Vase - For Sale

Early Republic - A Very Fine Studio Painted Ovid Vase
Price: $950.00
This is an excellent piece of fine studio ovoid vase. It stands on a counter-sunk base with a ring to it. It then rises from the narrow foot base to an ovoid body with a sort neck to an everted straight mouth rim. The body is painted with an excellent fine artwork with very minute details. All this has been enlarge to show the intricate painting artwork and the effort put into this piece of ovoid vase. The hair, eyes facial features and fo lion are all very delicately painted. The painting is likely to be that of a story during the Tang dynasty in which one of the emperor that was haunted by an evil spirit during his sleep. Every night he has a general keeping watch over him to prevent the spirit from haunting him. The priest is the well known monk from India, called Damo. Here, he is seen exorcising the evil spirit in the form of a dragon. Behind the painting is a poem about righteousness and describing the story. The ovoid vase has the Shengde Tang seal mark on the base but it is dated to the early Republic period, 1912-1949.

There is no crack, chip, glaze fritting, repair or restoration. The fine ovoid vase is in good condition.

The dimension of the fine studio ovoid vase: The width is 14.4cm and the height is 15.2cm.
Please refer to our stock # R62111007 when inquiring.

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