Antique Bronze Sculpture Lady Baby & Large Turkey - For Sale

Antique Bronze Sculpture Lady Baby & Large Turkey
Price: $2500.00
Rare and very unusual antique 19th century bronze sculpture artist signed indistinctly by the lady's foot along the side of the bronze base. The sculpture depicts a beautiful lady wearing farm clothes and an apron holding her baby in the air. She is showing the baby the big turkey that has its tail feathers outstretched and is by her side. The baby has its arms outstretched and seems very excited to see the big turkey. This rare bronze is beautifully sculptured the Turkey actually looks alive the lady's face is beautiful as is her baby's face. You can see her expression and how concerned she is to carefully hold baby so it doesn't get too close to the turkey. In the more than 45 years I have been collecting bronze sculpture this is the first model of this subject I have ever had the pleasure to purchase and offer for sale. The bronze is mounted on its original black and gold marble base. The base is 3/4 inch high, 7-3/4 inches wide, and 5-1/4 inches deep. The bronze including the marble base measures 12-1/4 inches high to the top of the lady's head. From the side of the turkey's wing measuring diagonally to the tip of the baby's foot it measures 10-3/4 inches long. The turkey not including the bronze or marble base measures 5 inches high with a wingspan of 3-1/2 inches. Weight 13.25 lbs. This is a very rare and wonderful sculpture. Anytime you see a complicated sculpture like this with 2 figures and an animal you know you have found something quite rare. It is in excellent condition guaranteed to please the most particular collector or connoisseur. (Item #72934)

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