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Antique Pewter Royal Marines Mug. (12111)
Price: $135.00
Early Victorian large quart pewter tankard, maker James Yates. Reign marks for Queen Victoria, pre 1878, using V, then the crown, followed by R. Underneath this is O and underneath that is 587. Underneath this is a solitary 1. There are three other authorized capacity seal marks, one tiny one to the left of the Victorian mark which is virtually unreadable, and two others which I think are E Crown R, possibly King Edward VII. Underneath the mug is stamped R M C, which would be the Royal Marines, at Chatham base, Portsmouth. (We have three other mugs from the same household, one of which is stamped fully for this).
Mug measures 18 cm high, rim to handle is 18 cm, and diameter of body is 11 cm. The top 3/4 of the mug is a lovely mellow pewter colour, the lower third is paler - maybe it sat in fluid up to this mark, changing the colour? Or is it just that dust has settled on the top, and not coloured the base which it overhangs. Top rim is slightly out-of-round, and there are mellow age marks, no actual dents though. It weighs 709g.

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