Craftsman Studios, Laguna Beach CA, Arts & Crafts Ringed Hammered Copper Bowl~~ - For Sale

Craftsman Studios, Laguna Beach CA, Arts & Crafts Ringed Hammered Copper Bowl~~
Price: $350.00
For Sale is a wonderful hammered copper bowl made by Craftsman Studios of Laguna Beach, Ca. The item is a wonderful large centerpiece bowl. The Bowl has some size to it as it stands 3 5/8" tall and is 12" in diameter outside rings measurements. The bowl itself is 11 1/2" in diameter.

This Bowl has a wonderful hand hammered copper background texture. The top lip is rolled and hand hammered as well. There are 2 large rings that are applied evenly at opposite ends. The Patina is a wonderful craftsman brown on the outside with a deep Verdi green on the inside.

This Bowl is considered to be in good condition as there are no Cracks or major dents to the Metal. The Vase does show signs of use on the inside. It appears that it was used as a planter because of the calcium deposits and the Verdi Green Patina. The outside shows many scratches and wear in the patina. The Bowl is signed on the bottom. It has the Impressed "Craftsman Studios Handmade at Laguna Beach Calif" signature mark along with the shape Number "837" and "Utah Copper" which is also impressed into the metal.

Craftsman Studios was an Arts and Crafts era through the 1950s copper craft shop operating out of Laguna Beach and Los Angeles California, producing hand wrought copper home and gift wares, occasionally working in brass and silver. Craftsmen Inc., renamed from Craftsman Studios Company of Laguna Beach, California by 1929. The Laguna Beach building was destroyed by flooding in the 1960s.

Purchase with confidence as this Bowl will enhance any Arts and Crafts, Mission Style Decor. It will look outstanding on that Stickley Bookcase and will work just wonderful with that Matte Green Art Pottery Collection. This bowl was made from that earlier time frame, circa 1915-1929.

Decorative Interior
Antique Metalware
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