Tiffany Studios, Gold (Dore') Floral Decorated Candy or Card Tray, HTF~~ - For Sale

Tiffany Studios, Gold (Dore') Floral Decorated Candy or Card Tray, HTF~~
Price: $295.00
For Sale is a Card Tray and it is made by Tiffany Studios, New York. The Card Tray or Plate stands 1" tall and has a Diameter of 7". This Patina is has a Gold Acid Etched or (Dore') French for Gold finish. This is actually 18 KT Gold Plate on top of the acid etched finish. The base metal is a bronze.

The pattern is a very pleasing Arts & Crafts Pattern consisting of a band of Stylized Arts and Crafts Flowers with a Celtic Style wreath connecting to each flower. This is along the entire inside edge of the plate. The finish is the Acid Etched snowflakes on metal. Tiffany used different sizes for the etched flakes. This one is the smallest of the flakes. The bowl has a pleasing stepped form and the finish is on both sides of the Tray.

The Tray is considered to be in excellent condition as the only issues to report is some darker spots on the Dore' interior. These can be polished out but I will leave that to the new owner. The underside is more tarnished than the inside. This was a used piece but the owner keep the inside cleaner than the outside. The Gold Acid Etched Finish is considered to be an excellent example!! The piece is signed on the underside with the impressed "Tiffany Studios New York" impressed signature mark along with the pattern number of "1704" impressed as well. There are the numbers "1154" lightly etched by the impressed signature mark. This is more than likely a Special Order Number.

This will make a wonderful addition to those collecting desk set pieces made by L.C.T. Tiffany Studios especially in The Gold (Dore') Patina. Tiffany started using a 3 digit number for his Fancy Desk Set goods after 1902 subsequently this piece was made circa 1902-1910.

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