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Bronze of Hermaphroditus
Price: $950.00
Here is a rare example of an interesting Greek character, Hermaphroditus. This beautifully cast bronze is 11" high and has the typical ornamental circular base, exemplary of souveniers of the Grand Tour. Nice original patina with the normal wear, producing a very warm, soft tone. Guaranteed to be from the period we say it's from, which is late 19th Century. Note the obvious female characteristic hair and face with the body of a male figure. Please read this fascinating account of Hermaphroditus: Hermaphroditus was the son of Hermes and Aphrodite. He traveled to exotic lands, where he came upon Salmacis in a pool of clean water. On seeing Hermaphroditus, Salmacis fell immediately in love; Hermaphroditus refused her advances and left. Soon after, Hermaphroditus, feeling he was alone, jumped into the pool of water and started swimming. Salmacis appeared in the water once again. She then held on to Hermaphroditus, stealing kisses and embracing him; the more he tried to escape, the more Salmacis clung to him. While she was overwhelming him, she prayed to the gods not to ever let them be separated, and it was then that the gods, having heard the prayer, merged the two bodies into one. From that day on, they were no longer two persons, nor was it possible to call them man and woman, but being one, they seemed neither and yet both. What a rare and lucky find for somebody!

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