Ife Style Bronze Replica of the Seated Figure of Tada - DB.011 (LSO) - For Sale

Ife Style Bronze Replica of the Seated Figure of Tada - DB.011 (LSO)
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This beautifully-observed and charmingly- executed sculpture of a snake charmer pertains to a cultural tradition of enormous importance to the development of West African and even world art trends. The Ife people were at the very forefront of technological and aesthetic innovation, and their artworks count among the very earliest naturalistic anthropomorphic statuary in the world, significantly predating the European renaissance, and even today ranking among humanity’s greatest artistic achievements.This piece represents a well-nourished male, sat cross-legged with the left leg splayed to the side and his right leg raised and with his right elbow resting on his knee. The modelling of his face is exceptionally fine, with a high forehead, arched brows, a tapering nose and relief-rimmed eyes, his head topped with a skullcap (which usually implies a certain social status in Ife art). His figure is rounded, with a plump stomach, rounded shoulders and naturalistic legs with spatulate feet. The arms are also well modelled, with expressionistically-rendered hands. He is dressed in a lattice-worked and pleated loincloth that reaches from the hips to the mid-thigh. He has a snake wrapped around his right wrist and held in the right hand, while the serpent continues to his left hand there his fingers grip it right behind the head. Ife Style Bronze Replica of the Seated Figure of Tada - DB.011 (LSO)Origin: West Africa Circa: 20 th Century ADDimensions: 13"(33.0cm)high Collection:Decorative Arts Style: Ife Medium: Bronze
Condition: Very Fine

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