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Marble Statue of Aphrodite - LF.011
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This superb sculpture is a representation of mythology’s most famous women: Aphrodite. She is rendered in a traditionally sensuous and dramatic pose, resting her weight on her left leg, the right slightly flexed with the toes touching the ground. The arms are supporting a length of drapery that is wrapped around the body just below the breasts; the left arm is higher than the head, the right at abdomen level. The head is turned sharply over the right shoulder, the face looking to the side and backwards. The stone is white marble, which has been exquisitely carved and polished; the drapery is also superbly rendered.Aphrodite, or Venus as she was known in Roman times, has been a major subject of sculptural fascination for over two thousand years. She is the Greek equivalent of the Middle Eastern and prehistoric mother goddess, and is said to have arisen in her current form with the Assyrians. She was the goddess of love and beauty, born of the Paphos sea foam from which she is seen rising in Botticelli’s epoch-marking Birth of Venus. Her gift was to captivate any man who laid eyes upon her. Marble Statue of Aphrodite - LF.011Origin: Europe Circa: 18 th Century AD to 19 th Century ADDimensions: 27.50" (69.9cm) high Collection: Decorative Style: Neo-Classical Medium: Marble

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