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Raffaello Romanelli, Italian War Monument
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Raffaello Romanelli (Italian, 1856-1928), Italian War Monument, bronze sculpture, 12 1/2". Inscribed "Romanelli Fanderia 6, Viguahi, Firenze".Romanelli was born in Florence Italy and studied with his father, Pasquale Romanelli (1812 - 1887), who had studied with the Bartolini. He continued his studies at the Florence Academy with Augusto Rivalta and Emilio Zocchi and he later taught at the Academy. Raffaello's son, Carlo Romanelli, was also a commercially successful sculptor. Raffaello created a number of large scale bronzes of note, including a monument to Carol I of Romania located at Pele Castle in Sinaia Romania, a Monument to Czar Alexander II in Russia, an equestrian Garibaldi Monument in Siena Italy, and a monument to John Wister in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. According to Sotheby's, in 1915 the "San Francisco Examiner" described Raffaello Romanelli as "to Italy what Rodin is to France". At the height of his career at the turn of the century, Raffaello had an international reputation and was regarded by many as "Italy's greatest living sculptor" (The Anglo-American Gazette, Nice, March 14, 1908)

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