Two spelter statues from Goethe's Faust - For Sale

Two spelter statues from Goethe's Faust
Price: $900.00
Two rare and wonderful spelter statues right out of Shakespeare, or perhaps Goethe's Faust. The pieces are large, high quality, with great detail, and a nice old bronze patina. The two are being sold together because they are companion pieces that tell a story. One is the evil character, perhaps Mephisto, the other the good guy, Faust if you will. Or if you prefer, they could just be any two adversaries from a Shakesperian play. Looking at the pics you will see that the evil character has a hidden weapon and is trying to misdirect the other. The good character, whose eyes are almost closed, pretends to be fooled, but actually has his hand on his sword ready to draw. Great scene and great conversation pieces. They absolutely have to be together. Both figures are in great condition, with the patina showing some signs of wear and bits of the silver shining through. A tiny part of the hilt of one sword is missing, as you can in the picture, but that's the only damage that I could find on either figure, and that, as you can see, is barely noticable. For those who love both art and literature, Shakespeare, or Gothe, these are a must. They're very heavy, weighing in at 7lbs each. 15 in. tall, 6 in. wide.

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Andy Yoon Sculpture Gallery
Albert St.
New Zealand
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Phone : 64-21530019

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