Tiffany Furnaces, Enameled Gold Card Tray, Floral, Nice~~ - For Sale

Tiffany Furnaces, Enameled Gold Card Tray, Floral, Nice~~
Price: $795.00
For sale I have a very nice Enameled Card Tray made by Tiffany Studios, New York. The Card Tray is done in Tiffany's ever Popular Gold or "Dore" Finish. The Card Tray is a nice size as it is 9 3/4" wide from outside handle to handle. It stands 1/2" tall. The Round Tray portion is 8" in diameter.

The Card Tray displays a Brilliant Acid Etched Dore', "French" for Gold Patina. There are 2 Handles on each side of the tray. In these Handles is a Wonderful Enameled 3 Part Floral Motif. The Detail is outstanding as is the colors. You can see beautiful Pinks, Blues, Greens and Red enamels.

The Card Tray is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no major dents or dings to the piece. There is an area in the bottom with a very slight indent and it is extremely hard to see. The Gold Dore' Shows Minimal wear and is original to the piece. This is one area of stain the size of pencil tip on the inside tray. The condition of this is so good it leaves me to believe this sat in a Cabinet most of its life. The piece is signed on the bottom with "Louis C Tiffany Furnaces, Inc Favrile" impressed mark along with the model number "512" impressed as well.

This is a later Tiffany Mark and helps to date this piece. This Enameled Card Tray was made Circa 1919-1925. These Card Trays are not all that commonly found and are simply Beautiful. I'm positive the buyer will be delighted with their purchase.

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