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The Marilyn Files (VHS, 1992)
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This video was based on the exhaustive research of Robert F. Slatzer who is one of the few remaining living persons who actually knew Marilyn Monroe. Slatzer knew her for 16 years of her adult life until her death, was married to her for a few days in 1952, until the studio forced an anullment/divorce. Regardless of whether you believe that part of his relationship with MM, Slatzer has done the most extensive research on her life and what he believes was her murder. Complete with a cast of District Attorney's from various states, all of which reviewed Slatzer's investigation materials and interviewed not only Slatzer, but the only living witness to Marilyn Monroe's Autopsy, former Deputy District Attorney, John Miner. Miner's testimony reveals that although he believes that Marilyn DID NOT Kill Herself, he goes to great lengths to protect her deceased doctor, Ralph Greenson, Miner's buddy. Miner also lets the viewer finally hear that there was INDEED AN INVOLVEMENT BY THE KENNEDY'S and admits the D.A.'s office covered up! He won't however, tell us exactly what happened, but lets the D.A.'s who are questioning him know that he is willing to go to all ends to block the investigation into her death, and admits he has covered up all these years. Miner says he may even go so far as to be willing to go to jail, if forced to testify.Pretty explosive stuff! Some of the re-inactments we could have done without, aside from that, it reveals far more than the "Say Goodbye To The President" documentary from the 80's.

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