Home Decor, (Historic) NASA SPACESHIP PART, enclose in glass - For Sale

Home Decor, (Historic) NASA SPACESHIP PART, enclose in glass
Price: $30.00
w/all documentation

Selling received as a gift
Part of a NASA Spaceship, with documentation
Part for the space shuttle, Challenger (antique)

happy to sell this, less and less parts/things like this are become available over time
part no. on front of piece in picture cannot come off and in free public documentation this part no. corresponds to the spaceship
replacement part as was not used
with all documentation
documentation paperwork is behind piece in picture

orange/red color, with part number in black
about 4 in. tall and also 4 in. wide
(larger than the largest coffee cup, nice size)
rubber, like a rubber drink holder placed over cold beverage cans, as is a joiner for an airduct of the spaceship

clean, safe and without any sharp edges and is rubber
place in a glass container for home display, will not find more interesting home décor or talked about piece
with 1) the part 2) full documentation and 3) engraved plagues for the outside of a glass container
will not find more interesting home décor

586-979-9222, call and leave message

picture #2, is a glass container like would have and not part of purchase, with engraved plague w/adhesive backing in front of container as typical
picture #3, is engraved plaque that comes with purchase

update on this sale,HAVE ALREADY HAD THE LARGEST SPACE COLLECTORS IN THE UNITED STATES CONTACT FROM THIS AD, THEY FORWARDED THIS IS AN ACTUAL PIECE AS I KNEW, (THIS COMES WITH DOCUMENTATION) ALSO THEY FORWARDED THIS IS NOT PARTICUARILY RAREST PIECE BUT AND IF WERE MORE RARE THEY WOULD BUY AS WHAT I DO HAVE THOUGH, IS A GOOD FAIR PRICE AS WELL! this is an interesting piece. If interested this comes with documentation and is particuarily interesting. If were rarer would be large more funds, this piece is available and interesting.

Decorative Interior
Misc. Antique Decor
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brian antiques
33850 somerset
sterling heights
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Email : brianserowik@hotmail.com
Phone : 586-979-9222
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