19th Century Diebold Safe (H32127875) - For Sale

19th Century Diebold Safe (H32127875)
Price: $13500.00
This Diebold Safe is in Excellent Original Condition, Canton, Ohio, c.1877. This safe, which weighs over 3000 pounds, was patented on March 27,1877. Includes the anti-dynamite device patented July 28, 1885. With original hand-painted lettering and decoration. *When purchased this interior anti-dynamite safe was locked with no combination. We had the number one safe cracker in the country open the safe and provide us with the combination, which we will pass along to the purchaser. The entire safe is now fully functioning. Founded in 1859 by German immigrant Charles “Carl” Diebold in Cincinnati, Ohio, Diebold first began manufacturing safes and vaults for banks. After the Great Chicago fire of 1871 Diebold’s reputation for fireproof safes was sealed. As merchants and business leaders sifted through the ashes, something amazing was discovered. Of 878 Diebold safes recovered, all had kept their contents intact and undamaged. There’d be no property rights questions. There’d be cash to tide businesses over for the rebuilding. The seeds with which to plant a new beginning for Chicago were safe. Diebold made no attempt to capitalize publicly on the fire-safe quality of its products. The newspaper accounts of the resilience of the Diebold brand were enough to flood the company with new orders, exhausting the supply almost instantly. Just the new orders would take almost a year to fill. In 1872 Diebold moved its operations to Canton, Ohio. In 1936 the company expanded its product lines by acquiring companies that specialize in products such as rotary and visible files, and index and microfilming systems. It also began developing armor plate for military tanks that year. In 1943 Diebold Safe & Lock Company changes name to Diebold, Incorporated. In 1965 it began offering pneumatic tube delivery systems to banks, hospitals, post offices, libraries, office buildings and industrial facilities. In 1970 the company began offering computer-controlled security and surveillance systems. Beginning in the 1970s it also introduced various automatic teller machine (ATM) products. In 2002 Diebold entered the United States elections industry through the acquisition of Global Election Systems, a leader in touch-screen voting technology. Measuring 31” D x 36” W x 59.25” H, Serious Inquiries are Welcome!

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