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Figural Match Safe
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DeLaval Cream Separator

Patented July 28, 1908 L.T. Savage New York

It has been said that the match was one of the greatest inventions for women. In most households it was a woman who was first out of bed, often when it was still dark and cold. The match permitted her instant light for a candle, which could in turn provide ignition for other sources of light or heat.

From the time that matches were first sold, in shops or by street vendors, manufacturers put them in thin wood chip or cardboard boxes, much like those still sold today. Although cheap and convenient, they provided little protection from accidental ignition and lacked aesthetic appeal. It was not long before special fancy containers were being produced. Inventive European craftsmen created a wealth of decorative match holders; mass production methods made these affordable to the middle classes. Decorative trends did not catch on in North America until the second half of the 19th century.

The development of match holders not only reflects the development of the match, but also the changing art styles of the period between about 1840 and 1930. Their styles also reflect or document social changes and practices, historical events, local and national business interests, and places of popular appeal.

Match holders known as “match safes” include two containers. The contents of a box of matches are inserted into the bottom container. Used matches are put in upper pocket.

This piece is a figural match safe advertising the DeLaval Cream Separator Company. It consists of a plated and painted miniature cream separator whose primary colors are black and silver. It measures approximately 6 3/8” tall and is classified as in excellent condition, complete with all original parts.

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