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Price : $674.00
Mixed bouquet of flowers in a Blue vase signed by Soussy . This painting comes to us from one of the most talented Art professor turned painter recently. since she decided to  More »
 Floral & Gardens
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Price : $899.00
Really super Lovely pair of French side tables with a beaitiful quality black marble on top and superbly ornate with bronze carvings. Dimensions in inches: Height: 30 Width:  More »
 Antique Tables & Dining Sets
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Price : $2700.00
Made with the best Satin Walnut and finely Bee waxed this Desk has bobbin legs and an elegant 18th century style sobre marquetry on top. Dimensions in inches: Height: 31  More »
 Antique Armoires & Wardrobes
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Price : $850.00
Unlike any other table this eccentric Art Deco inspired side table is made with Rosewood and burl walnut. Dimensions in inches: Height: 16 Width: 21 Depth: 21
 Art Deco Furniture
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Price : $1800.00
Superbly crafted and directly inspired by the Italian Tuscany style this Really fantastic table is offered to you at an incredible Price while maintaining the highest  More »
 Antique Coffee Tables & Side Tables
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Price : $1380.00
Very Elegant and ornate this Marquetry chest in Louis XV style has 5 drawers and has bronze ornaments. Dimensions in inches: Height: 41 Width: 32 Depth: 16
 Antique Dressers & Vanities
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Price : $3850.00
stunning Biedermeier style Dining set .Made with Wonderful French elm wood and consisting of 1 dining table and 4 chairs. Immaculate condition. Chairs dimensions :Height: 36  More »
 Antique Tables & Dining Sets
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Price : $3800.00
this is really an out of this world cabinet made with unbelievable skills in the Art Deco style and forms with rosewoood displayed as parquetry . Dimensions in inches:  More »
 Art Deco Furniture
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Price : $1400.00
This Stunning VERY LARGE (44 inches!!) flower shaped Art Deco Style Table is made with Rosewood lined on the sides with Elmwood. It has also a rosewood veneered lower shelf .  More »
 Art Deco Furniture
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Price : $15995.00
14505: Proudly offered for sale is the KINDEL Mahogany Updyke Secretary Desk. This High quality desk is in excellent, clean original finish and condition, and measures: 45" x  More »
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