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Price : $180.00
We have for sale an extra nice porcelain pitcher or urn. This possibly could be a sevres. It is in great condition with no cracks or chips. The bronze type metal is in great  More »
 Antique Pitchers
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Price : $95.00
This item is a 1915 Zane pottery bowl in a gorgeous shade of blue. This bowl was purchased at an estate sale and the owner wrote on the bottom of the bowl "Ethel Zane Pottery  More »
 Antique Bowls
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Price : $200.00
Very beautiful cracker jar, ivory in color with with purple violets and green leaves. On the bottom is the Crown symbol from S.F & C Stoke On Trent England, Crown Devon. Has  More »
 Antique Jars
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Price : $425.00
Beautiful Royal Doulton Charger Plate, blue and gold background with pink and red floral design. On the back is the Royal Doulton emblem, made in England and the lion over  More »
 Antique Plates & Chargers
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Price : $275.00
A sweet French porcelain & bronze footed powder box, c. 1890, featuring painted designs and a fine bronze casted frame. The color contrast is incredible for various styles.  More »
 Antique Boxes
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Price : $1800.00
Here is an antique French porcelain vase that is pleasing to the eye. Consisting of a white porcelain double handled pedestal with hand painted and enameled designs. It is  More »
 Antique Vases
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Price : $395.00
Here is a French blue & white porcelain platter, featuring elaborate blue transfer-ware trimmed with a floral design that is pleasing to the eye. It is stamped by the  More »
 Antique Platters & Trays
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Price : $3600.00
This outstanding & important group of three German Meissen porcelain figurines are from the 19th Century. Meissen porcelain was the first European hard-paste porcelain. Its  More »
 Antique Figurines & Statues
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Price : $2200.00
A French porcelain glazed Faience vase with double serpent handles. This vase has wonderful detail and lots of bright colors, with a fantastic deep blue cobalt. It is marked  More »
 Antique Vases
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Price : $695.00
A pair of French blue & white porcelain plates, c. 1880. Beautiful, elaborate transfer-ware scenes surrounded by floral borders. They are both stamped by the manufacturer  More »
 Antique Plates & Chargers
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