Helaine Fendelman & Associates
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Helaine Fendelman & Associates
60 Gramercy Park North Suite 1C
New York , New York USA
Phone : 212-228-6440
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Email : hfendelman@aol.com
Website : www.helainefendelman.com
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American fine art, Folk and Naive Art, Collectibles
Founded in 1994, Helaine Fendelman & Associates is a leading independent and accredited appraisal and sales firm, with offices in New York City. A well-known television host, book author and syndicated columnist, Helaine Fendelman brings more than 30 years of experience in the art, antiques and collectibles fields to individuals, professionals and organizations seeking appraisals as well as assistance with the sale of art, antiques and household items. Depending on the nature of an appraisal or sales project, Ms. Fendelman draws on her network of internationally recognized appraisers for added value to the client.
Ms. Fendelman brings objectivity to her clients that auction houses, galleries, and antiques dealers may not be able to provide because she has no vested interest in the valuation of your personal property. No matter whether you need a Fair Market Appraisal (a realistic resale value for estate tax purposes, pre-estate planning, equitable distribution or tax-deductible donations) or a Replacement Value Appraisal (for insurance coverage based on retail replacement value), your pieces are thoroughly researched and documented.