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TINI Furniture / ThisIsNotIkea.com
515 S. Fairfax Avr
Los Angeles , California USA
Phone : 323-938-9230
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Email : info@thisisnotikea.com
Website : http://www.thisisnotikea.com
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The idea of ThisIsNotIkea.com started with one of our founders and creative director, Alexis Hadjopulos. He’s the man behind the vision of what we buy and sell.
Tom Whitman joined Alexis to officially launch TINI and ThisIsNotIkea.com in 2008, in order to realize their joint vision of providing a place where cool, unique, and vintage furniture is available to people at an IKEA price.
Because for the same amount of money as a piece of disposable furniture from a big box store, you can own a beautiful unique piece of vintage furniture that will stand the test of time as well as the tests of design and style. When you buy something from us, not only will you love your unique piece of furniture, you won’t walk into a friend’s house and realize you have the same lamp or dresser that they have.