Ascot Court Antiques
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Ascot Court Antiques
122 Ascot Ct.
Moraga , California USA
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Fine antique Chinese ceramics and works of art.
We are a family operation: my parents have been collecting Chinese ceramics for over 20 years, and I have had the rare privilege of growing up in a house full of treasures from ancient proto-Celadon jars to Republic period vases. At Harvard, where I am currently completing a degree in history, I have gleaned further experience studying and working with the collections at the Sackler and Boston museums. To fund my studies, my parents and I sometimes auction off part of our ever-growing and expanding collection.

We firmly believe that beyond art investment, connoisseurship of Chinese ceramics is about aesthetic and cultural cultivation. It is always a great pleasure to hold an old piece and know that behind its materiality there is a treasure trove of history and narrative that transcends human lifespans and dynastic epochs. The pieces we offer are thus always authentic, interesting, and high-quality works of art. However, we do not believe that collecting Chinese ceramics is a socioeconomically elite affair: our auctions will always mix high-end and rare pieces with affordable but lovely minyao and export wares.

Please purchase with confidence. We take pride in our serious devotion to scholarship and research, and are pleased to offer security rarely found elsewhere: with the exception of Christie's and Sotheby's, most regional and ebay auctions do not ever offer period and authenticity guarantees.