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Ami Cmment
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Ami Cmment
Perum Unmul Sempaja, Jl. Dayak Benuaq Blok B1 No. 5 Rt. 20 Samarinda, Indonesia 75119
Samarinda , Kalimantan Timur Indonesia
Phone : +6282172737717
Fax :
Email : ami.hukum08@gmail.com
Website : http://digitalstely.blogspot.com/
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online store, which provide a variety of antiques. to provide convenience to the prospective buyer, how relaxing, easy and efficient in collecting or purchasing our antique collections.
That's why this website is so simple that is expected to help the visitors to be able to browse through the products offered easier.
1x24 hour of full service life
you can contact me through the account:
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ami.cmment
twitter: https://twitter.com/ami_cmment
email: ami.hukum08@gmail.com
soon i will help and answer all your needs!
Ami Kadir